Buying a property is a significant and ongoing financial commitment. As a buyer, you should spend time working out exactly what you need and can afford.

Get your finances in order before you start looking for a property. It is recommended to use a broker when buying a property – real estate agents will assist you in the process and can give answer to unanswered questions. Some brokers are specialized in several areas, such as location and type of homes. Although using a broker will make it easy for you to buy an apartment whether it is the legal aspects or other relevant aspects.

In order to finance your purchase, you may take a loan. It is important that you choose a bank that is reliable and will help you make a good deal.

Financing your purchase
Banks and mortgage credit institutions are your best bet for help financing the purchase of your property. All properties in Denmark and details regarding ownership and mortgages must be registered with the Danish Land Registry.

It is advisable to have financial support secured before looking for a property and gaining a buyer’s certificate from your lender. Estate agents can advise you about financing your purchase.

Most mortgages in Denmark are provided by one of the seven major mortgage banks, the two largest being Realkredit Danmark and Nykredit.

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