Living in Aarhus

Living in Aarhus gives you a city with something to offer for everyone; young and old, families with children, students, artists, established businesses and start-ups. Denmark’s second largest city is a fantastic place to live for both locals and foreigners alike. Over the past ten years, Aarhus has been one of the most developing cities of technology, energy, media, food, architecture and design. Aarhus University is also located here.  In ranking lists of the world’s best universities, Aarhus University is placed in the top 100. Therefore, Aarhus is swarming with students and international students.  Aarhus is also recognized for its musical history and museums which makes living in Aarhus attractive for artists, students and other creative types.

Finding an apartment is competitive, especially when students start their terms in August and December. Around the city centre are really popular for their stores, restaurants and nightlife.

If you plan on living in Aarhus, you can begin your housing search in these areas: Aarhus C, Aarhus N, Aarhus V, Viby J, Risskov, Højbjerg, Braband

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