What you should pay attention to

Never rush or be pressured into making hasty decisions. There is a lot of money at stake and you will be paying your mortgage off over many years.

There is a big request for houses and apartments in big cities and even more properties are sold before they are available to the public. So if you are looking for an apartment or house to buy be sure to contact a real estate agent early so you do not miss any great deals.

It is your responsibility to investigate your house before buying it and you cannot complain about injuries after you have purchased the apartment. Before signing a contract of sale, consider including a reviewer or inspector making a building inspection check. A qualified reviewer knows exactly what to look for and will see if there are any faults.

Read before you sign
While buying or selling you will come across different types of contracts such as loan contracts and contracts of sale.

Make sure you understand all terms and conditions and everything told verbally are put in writing so you know exactly what you are committing yourself to. If something is unclear, ask for an explanation. If you are still unclear, it is better to wait and seek professional advice before signing.

What you should pay attention to - Find housing in Denmark